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2022 General Body Meeting Dates:

Location: 26th Street Green (26th and Guilford), weather permitting

  • Tuesday, March 1, 7:30

  • Tuesday, May 3, 7:30

  • Tuesday, September 13, 7:30

  • Tuesday, November 1, 7:30

What is 26th Street Green?

26th St Green is a pedestrian plaza on the east half of the 200 block of East 26th Street. 26th St Green is closed to vehicle traffic but bikes, strollers and skateboards are welcome!

The west side of the 200 block has been converted to perpendicular parking to maximize the number of places for neighbors to park (in this way the project is parking neutral). The Hunter Alley remains fully open on both sides and can be accessed from the south via Calvert St.

Community Input

In November 2018, the 200 E block of 26th Street collapsed. Although this was a frustration and inconvenience, community members also saw this as an opportunity to improve the neighborhood.

We knew from our 2016 community-led visioning process that neighbors wanted the block to be fun and safe for all ages. We knew that neighbors wanted more lights, more greenery, more art, and slower cars.

One proposed way to make that happen was to transform half of the street into a small park.

City Coordination

Neighbors and CVCA's land-use committee have been meeting regularly with Baltimore City DoT since the collapse occurred.

Get Involved

Community leaders are all volunteers and encourage you to also get involved to make your voice heard and make our community a great place for all.

Please join in and help!