City Coordination

In February 2018 Baltimore City Department of Transportation (DoT) held a community meeting about the 26th Street Collapse. They promised to work with the community to ensure the space was repaired in a manner that suited the needs and desires of the neighborhood residents.

Throughout much of 2018, DoT attended periodic Charles Village Civic Association (CVCA) Land Use Committee Meetings to update residents about the project plan and progress.

Neighborhood residents and the CVCA presented community input requesting that a portion of 26th Street be closed to vehicle traffic. DoT and CVCA worked with contractors to determine a plan that would serve the needs and desires of the community.

When reconstruction of the collapsed section completed this fall, DoT dropped off temporary concrete barriers to stop vehicles from entering the east half of 26th Street. Full access was maintained for pedestrians, strollers, bikes and wheelchairs. The west side of 26th St was re-opened to vehicles and additional head-in parking was installed, which mirrors the parking across Calvert St. This new parking arrangement had no net-impact on parking, and there are still plenty of places to park! The south entrance to Hunter ally also reopened and can be accessed via the west.

All of 26th St will remain DoT property. The east section is designated a pedestrian throughway or plaza. At a July design charette, ~50 community members came together to develop a maintenance plan for the space, which can be adapted by “Friends of 26th St Green,” which will be formed in the coming months.

CVCA Land Use Committee is meeting regularly with DoT and other City agencies to coordinate next steps in the completion of the reserved area. DoT has set aside a modest budget for the project and hired a landscape architect to develop candidate proposals, which will be presented at a future community meeting. Details about upcoming meetings and events will be promoted through community associations, Nextdoor, Facebook, email, and this website. Construction will likely have to wait until the spring.